Dated:  March 31, 2014

So this was a good week. It was hard saying bye to Karen and to Charleston West. I really like that area and the people there. Elder Ramirez was a lot of fun to be with to. So, interesting thing, the missionary that replaced me, Elder Chavez, was just in Mannington. I replaced him. So we switched places exactly. I am excited to be here in Mannington though. My Companion is Elder Robbins from Pocatello, Idaho. He has been out one more transfer than I have. Transfers were fun because I got to see a bunch of Missionaries that I love. I saw Elder Ochsenbein, he goes home at the end of this transfer, and I saw Elder Cowley. I probably haven't told you about him, but he is a missionary that was in Martin while I was there. He is so fun!

So my time in Mannington has been good. The Branch is fun. They are a close nit group. I already have an assignment to speak in sacrament meeting on May 11th (Mothers day!). The week for us was kind of slow. It is hard transferring in because you know nothing, and your comp has to do all the planning. This is definitely a different area than Charleston, so I will need to adapt a bit and hit it hard. This is going to be fun.

Well, That is all I will say for today. I am super excited for General Conference. WOOT!

Love you all!


Elder JOSH!

The Homestead

The Homestead Temple Wall.
Elder Josh, Elder Fhelberg, Elder Ramirez and Elder Stout

Elder Oschenbein

Elder Cowley

Elder Stout and I

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