Dated: 4/15/13


This week has been pretty awesome, but hard, but crazy, but great. There is so much to every week it is so hard to remember it all. So I will start with last Tuesday. We went to a members house. His name is Brother Smoot. He is sooo fantastically amazing! (Probably the name, right Shea? ;) ) Anyway, we went to his house, he has a lot of property. A few weeks previous he cut down a tree, and we were going to chop it up. He cut the tree into good sized pieces, then Elder O and I and another member named Brother Jones split the logs with a splitter. A lot of people around here use wood burning stoves to heat their home. It smells good when your walking outside and someone is burning wood. So the reason we were getting wood was for this family, Brother and Sister Campbell. They have had some major health problems, and so we were getting wood for them so they could heat their house. Splitting wood is hard work, but o so fun! When you can split a big log in half with one swing, you feel so manly! It is hard sometimes. There were a few logs that were HUGE. Brother Jones, Elder O, and I all tried to split one of them, and we couldn't. Brother Smoot took one of our splitters, went up, and with 2 swings, split that log right down the center. He then did it to 3 or 4 more logs about the same size. O, did I mention that Brother Smoot is 80! Ya, he is hard worker and he is still really active. He does so much service for other people. He will do anything for anybody and he has an amazing conversion story. So after we split the wood we took it to the Campbell's house and stacked it alongside the house for them. Elder O and I met the Campbells. They asked us for a blessing, so we gave them one. It was a great experience. We got to spend a few hours serving them by getting them wood and then we got to give them a blessing! I love being a missionary! I love it! I get to do stuff like that all the time every day! Serving others bring so much joy!

We have started to do service at the Nursing home near here also. We go and play BINGO with the residents. It's fun. O, we also got to go over to the Campbells house and help them clean it. They had been gone from it for a while, so we helped them clean it up. That was another great service opportunity.

I am not sure if I have mentioned this in my previous letters, but there are 2 cities in my District. Lynchburg and Gretna. Lynchburg is interesting. It is the Buckle of the Bible Belt. It is the Baptist Capital of the world. So down here in Gretna, there are lots of baptists. It makes it hard because everyone believes they are already saved. Prayers are fun with these baptists though. They pray in a very exciting way. A lot of people down here do hold hands during meal prayers also. That has been strange to get used to. The members here are great. Yesterday at church we had 6 less active people come, which was sooo exciting and one of our investigators came as well! The Lord is blessing us for hard work.

I love being a missionary. I love all of you so much! Keep on the path and never get off of it! God wants us to be happy! We are happy when we are on the path.


Elder Spencer

P.S.  Let the Grandmas know I love them and they are fantastically amazing and awesome!

This is me eating a Slaw Dog!  O man they are sooooo good.
Hot dog, ketchup, cole slaw, chili and onions. Soooo goood! 

Elder Oschenbein
This was sent to my companion.  It is so funny!

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