Dated:  July 14, 2014

This was a pretty good week. We were able to meet with a good amount of people, more than usual this week. At our meeting where we met President and Sister Salisbury, another missionary gave us a referral from a member in their area that knew some people in our area. This young couple they referred us to had taken the lessons up in PA but then they moved down here and fell through the cracks. So we went to try to contact them, and they weren't home, or so we thought. I guess they were at the neighbors and they saw us leaving. They found out that a member of the church lived on their street, so they went to her house Saturday night and asked her if she went to church and if they could follow her to church the next day.  So they came to church and seemed to really like it. Everyone thought they were already members and they had to keep saying, "we aren't member, yet." haha. It was fun. So hopefully some great things happen there. Also, Shawna was confirmed yesterday. She is glowing.

Elder Anderson had an assignment to speak yesterday. There was another lady assigned to speak as well. Each of them were supposed to go for about 15 minutes. Well, the lady went first and only spoke for 5 minutes. So Elder Anderson had 35 minutes to fill. During the middle hymn, the person conducting asked me to come up and speak also if there was time to fill. So Elder Anderson went for 20 minutes, he tried to stretch it out as long as he could, so I had the privilege of giving a 12 minute impromptu talk. It was actually kind of fun. There was a guy sitting in the back of the room that held up a 10 on a piece of paper. I thought he was telling me there were 10 minutes till the meeting was over, but after inquiring about it after, he was actually giving me a "10" for on my talk. I guess he really liked it. It was funny. We also taught Gospel Principles and then we went to primary and talked about baptism and confirmation to the kids. It was a fun Sunday.

Another random note, Elder Bednar was in Charleston doing a youth fireside yesterday, but we did not get to see him. It is cool to have had him here though.

It was hot this week and it also rained a crazy amount, and apparently there was a little tornado that touched down just outside of our area for a minute or so.

This is a quote at the end of the "Joseph Smith, Prophet of the Restoration" and it is found in D&C 128:19 Now, what do we hear in the gospel which we have received? A voice of gladness! A voice of mercy from heaven; and a voice of truth out of the earth; glad tidings for the dead; a voice of gladness for the living and the dead; glad tidings of great joy. 

The Gospel brings joy. I am very grateful for the Gospel in my life and for family that embraces the Gospel. If you read this section, Notice all the exclamation points (S. Gifford Nielsen said that when he was here in the mission).

The Church of Jesus Christ has been restored by Jesus Christ through His prophet Joseph Smith. I know it and it is true and real!

I love you all!


Elder Spencer

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