DATED: June 30, 2014

So this week we had a couple of neat experiences. We did lots of service. We helped Buck weed eat his yard. We also helped Cory move and some other members named the Scott's move. On Tuesday Elder and Sister Kowalis (the vehicle coordinator) drove up and gave us a brand new 2014 Nissan Frontier. The Colorado that was in the shop got finished last friday, and they took our other Colorado and drove them down to charleston to get sold. We also had a branch Social this week. We had ice cream and hot dogs. It was fun. We also had a ton of extra miles this month due to not having a car for the beginning of the month, so we were able to drive to farther places in the mission. We went to the very edge of our area, 24 miles away, to a  little town called Folsom. We had a referral for an 8 year old named Maddi that wants to be baptized. Her mom is a member but not on our records. So we went by last night and taught her. It was fun. She was excited.

I don’t have much of a thought for you this week, but one thing I will say, God watches out and is mindful of each of us. This last week of the transfer, Elder Anderson and I were short on money and food because of transfers. But we had food given to us. We were about out of bread and some members randomly gave us bread. Other things like that happened. This is a the truth, God Cares.

I love you all!


Elder Spencer

P.S. So we also got invited to a reunion this week for a family in the Branch. So we went to it. Now there is a man named Uncle Herb that lives in Bountiful Utah. In fact when I talked to him I asked if he knew Chris Beynon (my seminary teacher) and he said they were in the same ward. So that was cool. Their daughter came up also from Bountiful, and I got to talking to her and she works at Viewmont. I don't remember what she teaches. I was hounding her with questions asking her who she knew that I might know. I asked her if she knew Daniel. She said she didn't at first. Then I started talking about Daniel and how he did the welding program with Mr. Heiner. She then knew who he was. She told me that Mr. Heiner brags about Daniel all the time and uses him as an example of a success story for going through the welding program. So that was cool to hear. It's a small world. By the way her name was Ms. Seeley, if any of you might know her. She said she had heard of like everyone I asked her about.

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