DATED:  August 11, 2014

This week was an eventful week. before i start typing, my shift key on this keyboard doesn't work very well, so I’ll just not use it. I'll first tell about zone meeting. We drove up to Bluefield, and I found out that a whole bunch of missionaries I know and that I have developed friendships with are in the zone. Elder Stout is my zone leader again which makes me super happy too. The zone meeting was about burying our weapons like the ammonites did in the book of mormon. at one point, the sister trainer leaders taught about how we need faith and repentance to change. to illustrate why we need faith in christ, they had all of us put on blindfolds. we had tables set up around the basketball hoop where we were sitting, and they had each of us stand up, (the tables were as far back as the 3 point line, which was where i was sitting) and one at a time, we would try to shoot a basket. when we would miss sister hertzog (the STL) said "your faith was not sufficient, do you have faith in jesus christ as your mediator?" of course we would say yes, and then the blindfold would be pulled down and the ball was given to "the mediator" who was elder Hewlett (he is from centerville and played b-ball for viewmont, and he is an assistant to the president right now) and he would shoot the ball for you and if he missed elder spencer (the other assistant) would rebound and make it. everyone that was blindfolded knew when the ball went in because we could hear it. So it was a guaranteed success when christ did it. everyone was blindfolded so you didn't know this happened until it came your turn and you missed. anyway, about half of the people had made it and it was my turn, i took the ball, guessed where the hoop was and shot, all i heard was a swish! everyone started freaking out, because i guess i made it. i really don't know because i couldn't see it. elder baty says that i did. so because of that sister hertzog told me my faith was sufficient and i could sit down, and then i had to sit with the blindfold on the whole rest of that portion of the discussion. another missionary made it also so at least i wasn't alone. it was funny, they were not expecting that.

also this week, elder baty and i were asked to talk. so we gave our talks yesterday. i spoke about conversion. i went on for 30 minutes (most of it just ranting) on accident and didn't leave elder baty much time. before the meeting started though, the branch president asked me to come up and conduct the music for sacrament. i knew this would be a disaster. so i get up to conduct the first song, elder baty who was playing the piano did the intro, but i didn't know when to start, so no one started when we were supposed to or anything. then elder baty decided to sing a solo for the middle song between our talks, and i had to push the button on the automatic piano, and yea, i messed that up pretty bad too. haha. then i conducted the last song, and that didn't go so well either. boy o boy. all i could do was laugh at the whole thing.

i dont know why i shared those things with you, but apply it how you will. :D. now for the thought for this week, President salisbury shared this with me.

For he will fulfil all his promises which he shall make unto you, for he has fulfilled his promises which he has made unto our fathers.
Alma 37:17

that goes along with what i was thinking of sharing. i realized this week, that our father in heaven, and jesus christ are the same yesterday today and forever. now i have known of that scripture, but i was able to understand it a little better this week. the old testament and new testament and book of mormon have chris’ts life and shows the miracles that god had done for us, his children throughout all time. i realized  that that same god who moses spoke to face to face, who adam and eve were with in the garden, who spoke to abraham, who did all those amazing things in the old testament and the miracles in the new testament  and did all the amazing things for those in the book of mormon is the same god that you and i pray to every day. it’s the same god that is active in my life and that i am striving to understand and develop a relationship with. remember god loves you and he is the same today as he was then. i love you all!


Elder Spencer

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