DATED:  July 29, 2014

I am headed off to Richlands, Virginia. All the way at the bottom of the mission. I have been to the east, west, middle, north and now the south of this mission. Cool eh? My new companion will be Elder Beadie. I don’t know anything about him.

Not too much happened this week. We went and bopped bunnies again. We also cleaned out the poop under their cages. We had a bunny for lunch after. It was in some kind of pasta dish. It was good.

Last Monday we went mini-golfing. It was cool. After we went to ice cream and I got an ice cream cone that was taller than my head! It was really good! And yes, I ate the whole thing. We were able to meet with a few people. A couple weeks ago we gave a Book of Mormon to a 16 year old kid. We went back the next week and his mom was out on the porch. We asked if he was home. She said "I don't want you talking to my kid!" We inquired as to why and if she knew who we were or what our message is. She didn’t. So we started to tell her, and she asked us some questions about our church and some things she has heard about it. We cleared up her misconceptions and told her about the Book of Mormon. Randomly in our conversations she said "Ok, you can talk to my son." We told her we would love to talk to her too. She seemed fairly interested. In the end she was saying "I don't get why people don't talk to you guys. You’re not bad.  I regret always running inside when I saw you."

I have been learning a lot in my studies this week. I’ll share something that has been on my mind about our bodies being a temple. God gave us bodies to learn and grow. We can experience so many things with this body. This is our mortal tabernacle for our spirit. We are promised that we will have a body for eternity. It really makes sense why God asks us to take care of our bodies. Imagine you gave a brand new car to someone. It's really nice. They take it and you see them in a few months or so. When you see the car it's all trashed up, has mud everywhere, the inside smells like smoke, you see beer cans all over, and there are stains on the seats and tears in the seats. The dashboard is all muddy, the carpet has food all over it. You pop the hood and see there is dirt inside over everything and it just isn't taken care of. You aren't even able to look at the engine and see all the inside parts of the car, but you know that those probably haven't been taken care of too. Perhaps there is no oil, or wiper fluid, or tranny fluid. Ok, now that you have that image in your head. How does that relate to God giving us our bodies? Do we take car of our bodies like we should. What "fuel" do we put into our engine. The fuel could be what we eat, or also what we think about. Are there stains that we need to clean up, mud we need to wash off? When was the last time we took ourselves to the Repair shop (Church and/or Temple)? It is such a blessing to have bodies and it just makes so much sense why God has given us commands of how to take care of our bodies. The great thing about the gospel is that no matter how bad our "car" is, we can always get it cleaned and fixed up again so it is running good as new. Embrace the gospel and live it everyday as much as you can. Study the scriptures everyday and Pray ALWAYS! I love the gospel. I am so grateful for also growing up surrounded with people that also love the gospel.

Keep on pressing forward, remember, the tree of life is up ahead, even if you can’t see it.


Elder Spencer

Birthday Pie

Big Ice Cream Cone

Service Shoes

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