DATED: October 6, 2014

I LOVED General Conference. There was an amazing spirit as I watched it. I was just so happy! There is so much comfort knowing that there are apostles and prophets on the earth. God was speaking this weekend. I was also saddened because there are so many people missing out on this.

As I have been serving, people have been anxious to tell us about the crazy things going on in the world. So I am kept pretty up to date on the news and I’ll be honest, it is a little concerning. So I went to General Conference with the question "What am I supposed to do?" I got an answer. Everything in conference was telling us of the most important things we need to be doing, and what we need to be focusing on.  I realized that the Church Leaders aren't too concerned with all that stuff, so neither should I. It's not something we really need to focus on because they didn't focus on it in conference. We need to be doing what they focused on in conference. So as I took notes this time, I tried to focus on "What are they tell me to do/act on?" I will share some of the notes that I took.

Give attention to the Brothers and Sister Speaking.
Understand the Atonement
Hasten the Work. Save souls with Faith. 
Come to Sacrament Meeting prepared.
Take Responsibility and go to work!
Pray, Study, Strengthen your Testimony. DO Gods Will.
Love as he did. Respect others.
Never Doubt the testimony of the Prophets.
Teach Your Children the Gospel. 
Take Responsibility for your spiritual and Physical Well being, and  voluntary obedience, repent, forgive, accept trials. 
Take care of the Poor (temporal and spiritual).
Rely on the Teachings of the Savior. 
Accept the Saviors invitation to follow him. 
Don't Rationalize sin! Set Goals
Gain a testimony.
Develop Christlike attributes.
Trust your fellow servants. 
Pause to Pray and Listen to the spirit. Consider the Consequences. 
Learn how to receive personal Revelation! (D&C 121:45-46)
Live the Doctrine of Christ. 
Walk the Path of Obedience.
Focus on the simple things. Conversion.
Make the Gospel a Habit.
Have a Vision, prepare with the end in mind.
Don’t get distracted. Don’t do less important things. 
Develop a desire to share.
Be a little better, kinder, and thoughtful.
Serve others.
Try to do the right thing. 

So This is not word for word what they said. Some of it is close to what they said, but this is what I felt that God was telling Me and us to do through his servants. The Church is true. I know it. I will live it! I am so glad for Repentance which means I can change and become better. The world is getting worse and worse. The Prophets and Apostles are getting clearer and more bold so that we can more accurately know the true path and way.

I love you all! Keep your eye on the Prophet!


Elder Spencer

WVCM and Angel Moroni Pumpkin Carving

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