DATED:  January 14, 2015

Transfers are this week. I am staying in Beckley. This is my last transfer. Elder Carter is transferring to Portsmouth Ohio. He is going to be with an Elder Gardener. I am going to be with Elder Ence. He came out with Elder Blaine.

I’ll tell you about a few neat things that happened this week. So on Sunday, I was standing at the door waiting for investigators, and I saw Uncle Bruce, and Aunt LahDonna, and Evan Thomas pull up in the parking lot. It was pretty awesome. They came down to church. They brought us a bunch of food, which I am so very grateful for. I sat with them during church (our investigators didn't show up). Also on Sunday, our bishopric was reorganized. That was also a neat thing to see. The Previous bishop was great. I really enjoyed serving with him. I am excited for the new bishop though as well because he is also a very great man.

On a not so good note, and I am not really sure if I should share this anyway... But I will... Elder Carter and I got very sick this week. We think we picked it up at Church. But Sunday night, we both went to bed feeling a little nauseous. Well all night my stomach was hurting. Ugg, it was terrible. I got up and went and threw up about 5:00 in the morning. Then I slept till 6:30. Then Elder Carter went and threw up. Then I threw up again. All morning we were pretty much playing leap frog, switching places in the bathroom about every hour to puke. Ugg. In the afternoon we stopped throwing up, and we just ached all over and had fevers. Even though we were sick, we were still able to joke around with each other and sympathize with each other.  We each had the same symptoms, around the same time. I got a fever, then he did. I started to have muscle aches, then he did. O man, it was terrible, but by the next day we were feeling pretty much all better. We had a few people bring us Sprite, chicken noodle soup, Ginger Ale, and lots of saltine crackers. We took care of each other and the members took care of us too. I haven’t been that sick my whole mission. Apparently it was a stomach bug that has been going around.

I learned a lot this week. I am excited for what this next transfers bring.

I love you all. Take care of each other!


Elder Josh Spencer

PS Every day when you wake up, Ask yourself "What kind of adventure am I going to have today?"

Elder Carter, Elder Brenchley and Elder Caldwell

It snowed a ton this week. The roads were ice packed, so we decided to walk to the library. We Bundled up. As we were walking, there was 2 older gentlemen in a car trying to get up a hill. We offered to help them. They agreed and pushed the car and got them up the hill. They said we were Heaven sent. I think so too. :D

After walking to the library.  It was snowing the whole time.

It's the new "Eyes Closed Pose."  ;D  At the New River Gorge.

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