DATED:   January 5, 2015

So I went on a couple of exchanges this week. First off I went up to Oak Hill and spent the day with Elder Chinn, and then on Thursday we went to Charleston for a zone meeting, and I exchanged with the Zone Leaders. I went with a missionary named Elder Degooyer. So, I’ll tell you how I met up with Bro. Thomas.

We got there and I asked Elder Degooyer if he heard about an Evan Thomas moving in. He said yes, he was going to live with Agus. So I told him that he was one of my Young Men's leaders from my home ward. He said "Well we have got to so see him!" So we got a hold of Agus and found out that Evan was going to be arriving that night. Perfect timing right! So we wanted to see him that night. We called Bro. Stratford, a member that was going to have Evan over for dinner that night, and it turned out that Evan wasn't gong to be at Agus's house until past 9:30. So we decided to try to see him before we went down to Beckley to exchange back. So we got his number from Agus, and texted him the next day. I didn’t let him know it was me, hehe. We texted him and asked if we could make a quick visit. He said yes. We went over and I got to see him. It was really neat!

We had a really neat experience while I was up in Charleston. We went to visit a member, and ask him if he could go with us to see another less-active member. He was all for it. The less-active member was the next street over, so we went to see her, but she was leaving as we arrived. Elder Degooyer wanted to try to see another lady that is less-active. She was the next street over. We walked there and found all her lights out. Now, to give a little bit of info about this member, she is completely bed ridden and can’t really do anything by herself. So it was weird that the lights were out because she couldn't turn them out herself. So we walked in and there she was just laying down still, but her power is out, and she had NO heat. This was a very cold day by the way. So we go and find out the breaker just got tripped, so we flipped it and the power came back on. This lady was freezing cold when we showed up. But she is fine now. I am so glad we were able to go by. The Lord was using us. She couldn't call anyone, and she doesn't really have anyone else to check on her except for the missionaries. I am glad we showed up. It's no coincidence that our previous plan didn't work out.

I would like to just share some thoughts that I have had this week.

I have been pondering why people do what they do. And I have asked people about this, and everyone always seems to go to the same thing, they want to be happy. I think I have talked about this before, but I am going to do it again. People are searching for happiness. Some try to find it in money, others in drugs or addictive substances, others try to find it in social status, and there are many other ways people try to find happiness. I really feel though, that true happiness is found from Godly things. Things like Family, Faith, Repentance, Progression, Service, and Love. Those things bring TRUE and LASTING happiness. The Book of Mormon teaches the truth, Alma 41:10 Behold, I say unto you, wickedness never was happiness. 

Another thought I have had is "Be your Best Self." Each of us are Children of God, with divine potential. I heard this week a definition of hell.  It is "Hell is when the person you are, comes face to face with the person you could have been." As disciples of Jesus Christ "we are not trying to earn heaven, we are trying to learn heaven" (Brad Wilcox "His Grace is Sufficient"). We are trying to become heavenly beings. So remember what your best self is. If you are tempted to make a wrong choice, remember your potential and make the choice to help you achieve it.

I love you all!


Elder Spencer

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