Date: 2/27/13

So, how was the drive home?  When you left, I was just pulled into the work.  It really has been Go Go Go!  Not much time to think.  I am doing well, kind of overwhelmed with everything.  So much to do and I don’t know how it is going to get done.  It’s 10:10 so this will be a short letter.  There’s so much to say.

They pulled us into a room with a bunch of Elders and Sisters.  They had “investigators” that we were to teach as one huge class.  It was all over the place.  People were trying to teach doctrine so complicated.  I feel so inadequate to do this work because it is such an awesome message we share.  I know that God will help me.  I have my testimony and a good basis of how to teach.

My comp, Elder Theuson, is great.  We are getting along well.  The transition is strange.  Anyway, hope you are all good.  Use  Stay strong, you’ll be in my prayers.

     Elder Spencer

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