Josh’s last few days were spent finishing up odds and ends, and spending time with the people who mean the most to him.  Monday, he was able to spend a lot of time with his special friends.  Not many of the gang are left, however, as one by one they have been leaving for missions over the last year.  They have all been great in supporting and helping each other prepare for their missions.  Josh has been so blessed to have such awesome friends.

Tuesday was a bit more frantic.  Josh spent time going over the checklist, gathering up the few miscellaneous items he still needed, getting his missionary haircut, and providing one last lesson for Mom on managing the blog.  Tuesday evening was very special as the Stake Presidency and Bishop came to our home to set Josh apart as a missionary.   The spirit was very strong.  The blessing Josh received was beautiful and powerful and when it was over, he was officially a missionary!  You could really tell he was a missionary when you looked at him.  It was as if his countenance had changed!  He was so happy and excited to finally be a missionary.  

Later that evening we paid a visit to Grandma Christensen for one more hug.  And finally, Josh’s best friend came over and they spent some time together.

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