Dated 3/7/13

Part 1:
So, really quick, After you guys dropped me off, I was freaking out, in a good  way. SO many missionaries! I loved it. I got my badge, and I love that too. O man, I love all the missionaries. I still will see someone with a badge and say, "O man, its a missionary!!!" then I remember that I am one too. I am trying to type fast cuz I don’t have much time. I met my district, and it was really awkward, but we are now all best friends. They are like my brothers and sisters. My companion and I got called as Zone Leaders. Its fun, we get to go and check on our district every night. There are so many cool people here. I have seen Elder Archuletta, Elder Gordan, Elder Messer, Elder Hulet. NO time to take pictures. Sorry I have had a hard time writing. I barley have enough time to write in my journal. For the past 3 days I have only had time to write like one line. For example. a few night ago all I wrote was "great day full of many miracles." its go go go! I’ll probably email again later today.

Part 2:
Hello, so this will be my first official email to you guys. I’ll try to go over everything that has happened. So my district consists of Elder Stechnij (DL), Elder Poni, Elder Marshall, Elder Julian, Elder Folkman, Elder Morse and Elder Thueson (thew-e-son). The sisters are Sister Estrada (CS), Sister Martin (CS), Sister Wray and Sister Rogers. My comp and I became the Zone Leaders on Sunday. The Devotional was alright on sunday, we had the Temple President of the Provo Temple speak to us. He talked about some deep stuff. Elder Marshall went home on tuesday morning. We were all very sad to see him go. He just had some family matters to attend to. We were able to give him a blessing. Elder Morse, Elder Stechnij, Elder Thueson and I participated in it. Its a lot of fun being the Zone Leaders. We get to meet different districts and they all respect us so much. Teaching is a blast. We are teaching a Progressing investigator named Robert, he is a 65 year old. He was very boring at first but it is sooooo cool to see him start to feel the spirit and read the BofM. It's changing his life. We Taught a volunteer named Carlos. That was also very cool. He committed to Baptism on the first lesson, and to a date. The Doctrine is so cool. I am learning why we do what we do in the church. We don’t just read the BofM to feel the spirit and receive revelation, We don’t just go to church to take the sacrament or to learn, we don’t just Pray to Pray. We do all those things because that is what we need to do to get back to Heavenly Father. Christ came down to the earth to teach us the Gospel. The gospel teaching us what we need to do, the steps we need to take to get back to Live with Heavenly Father. That is my purpose as a missionary. To help people see that if they do these things they will return to heavenly father. So far, that has helped so much in teaching. If people see the BIG picture, they understand why they need to be baptized, to go to church, to pray. All those things make it so we can return to God. Its great. It has helped me learn how to teach simply. I have grown so much.

Elder Thueson and I and the Coordinating sisters (CS) (They are the equivalent to the ZL's but they are over the sisters and we are over the Elders)  had the duty of meeting the new Missionaries yesterday in their classroom. We went in and talked with them. They asked how long we have been here and we told them a week. They all were freaking out saying it seemed like we had been here forever, we looked so grown up and mature. It was funny because that is exactly how all of us felt when our ZL and CS came and talked to us. It really is a Time Capsule.
Sister Rogers has been having some health issues, so her mission is delayed at least 2 weeks. It really makes me sad. She has such a sweet spirit and a great testimony. Being a ZL is also so fun because we get to serve people. I have the opportunity to help other people all I can and I love doing that. Elder Thueson and I gave her a blessing on monday. He anointed and I sealed. I was nervous because it was spur of the moment, but I went to God. When I gave the blessing of Comfort, Words didn’t come into my head, I started talking and words just came out. It was a very sweet blessing that I know was from God. I was just the mouth.

My Roommates are Elder Stechnij and Elder Poni then my companion. All the Elders are going to WV and the Sisters are going to Calgary Canada. I do leave on the 12 of this month.
I love the MTC. The spirit is here, and it is so fun. Gym time is fun to. In High School you know how you have the few nice people that will include everyone in the games and is just nice to everyone? Well that is what gym time is, but everyone is that nice person. Its pretty great. I am not sure when I am going to be able to email again. Thank Kayla for the Cookies. they were amazing. I went and passed them out to my zone when we went and visited them in the evening and they were a big hit. Thanks for the brownies and the letters.

Our teachers are amazing. Our district has been though a lot. With elder Marshall going home and Sister Rogers having a hard time, it has been hard on all of us. We are family here. We are strong and have a great relationship with each other. I love Everything about his missionary work. I love the study, I love the spirit, I love the nervousness, I love the trust I need to put in God. He is here, He is helping, He is guiding us. TTYL

Elder Spencer

Also, The only thing I don’t like is the food. Its not bad, but it really doesn’t do well on the body. You eat breakfast, and you still feel full, in a bad way, at lunch. Ugg. My favorite thing so far was probably the cordon bleu we had the day we got here.

Classroom. (Left Marshall, Morse, Folkman, Jullian)

The Elders in the District

My Comp and the Coordinating Sisters

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  1. What an awesome missionary! He will do amazing things! Thanks for doing this blog!