Dated: 7/8/13

Hello you fantastic people you,

First off, the wedding looked great! I love the Bullock family and all the people that are found in it. They are just so fantastic!  Thank you mom for the great letter. I really enjoyed it.

So this week was interesting. It went by so fast! On the 4th of July, some members went with us down to Chatham, and we worked in that area for a while, then we went up to their house and they made us steak, potato salad, cucumbers and onions, and beans, and we had a feast. It was really great! We drove back home and saw a few fireworks but other thea that, that was our 4th of July.

This week we helped Brother Smoot replace a post that was holding his barn up. Another member just had his gallbladder out, so we went and mowed his lawn for him. Riding lawn mowers are great. Everyone out here has a riding lawn mower.

So I was reading the war chapters in the Book of Mormon this week. They were so fantastic. Moroni is just the most amazing person ever! But I have been reading it a lot and I am now on Helaman 6. The Book of Mormon is great and true. It is evidence of the restoration of the Gospel. Reading it's pages has brought me closer to Christ and I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is Jesus Christ's Church. It is His, run by him. Everything that is done in the Church is done by revelation. We can receive this guidance as we receive the Spirit. The spirit is an amazing blessing and gift. I have been really striving to recognize it's influence in my life this week, and I am noticing the great blessing of having the spirit. Everyone on earth should have this gift because it is so amazing. I love the Gospel!

I hope you are all well, keep up the greatness that you all are. I love you!


Elder Joshua R. Spencer

P.S. A couple of funny things that happened:

So, Elder Snow and I were standing outside, it was sunny and there were a few storm clouds in the distance, and we were quoting Lord of the Rings. I said the quote "On top of everything, it's raining" (I am not exactly sure if that is how the quote goes in LOTR but o well) and as soon as it came out of my mouth, rain started to pour down on us. It was funny.

Another thing that happened, Elder Snow and I were driving, and I accidentally honked the horn, and I looked and there were people walking on the sidewalk. They looked at us and I just gave them a big smile and waved like I meant it to happen.  It was pretty funny too.

Just wanted to share this with y'all. Have a great fabulous time in whatever you are all doing!

Elder Snow and I testing the theory of GSUSP.
(You know, Gospel Study Under Spinal Pressure.)

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