Dated: 7/1/13

How's yall's doing out there?

I think my English is getting worser... Hehe. Well this week has been a good week. It was a crazy week too.  Everything seemed to fall through or be changed around, so Elder Snow and I have been running around. We had a district meeting on Saturday. We had a BBQ. It was really good, and we had a lot of fun. Then with the learning part, our district leader had one Elder come up to the front, and we went over the story in Alma 46 where Moroni rips his coat and makes the Title of Liberty. Then he asked the Elder to demonstrate, so the Elder grabs his shirt and rips it off.  We all were shocked that he actually did it.  Then we saw he had another white shirt on underneath. We all brought our own white shirts and wrote on them to make our own Title of Liberty. It was pretty fantastic.

Elder Snow and I had the privilege of speaking in sacrament meeting. I enjoyed it. We spoke on Temple Covenants. I had to extend my talk extra time because we would have ended way early if I didn't. I kind of thought that this would happen, and under the sacrament table there was a Preach My Gospel. So As I walked past the sacrament table, I swiped it and had it up there with me in case I needed to use it. I didn't, but I wanted to be prepared anyway.

We had an investigator come to Church. That made me sooo happy. We have been having a really hard time getting investigators to come. But, he asked us at our last lesson to get someone to give him a ride and he would come, so we did, and he enjoyed church. The branch is so great, they are really good at fellowshipping. There is one lady that investigated the church for a long while, she hasn't joined yet, and is currently not investigating, but we talked to her the other day and she said that she has never felt so welcome anywhere in her life than when she came to the Gretna Branch. This branch is really great at helping people fell welcome.

For those it may concern, my mission president’s son just finished serving his mission in the Maryland Baltimore mission, and he came to our mission for a few weeks to spend time with his parents before heading home. I went up and asked him, at Specialized Training, if he knew Elder Martineau.  He said he did and that he is an amazing missionary. That made me happy. I haven't heard from Kent in a long while. It's a small world.

At the Covingtons yesterday, we had Slaw Dogs for dinner. O man, they are soooooo goood! I am never going to be able to eat a regular hotdog again. Onion's, slaw, chili, corn relish, mayo, catsup! That is how to eat a hotdog. I'll send pictures. :D

I love you all, I am glad to hear that you are all doing well. Keep up the fantastic greatness that you all are. Never forget your perfect potential and rely on the strength of God. With him, all things are possible.


Elder Joshua R. Spencer

Elder Snow tying his shoes before we go do emails.

Slaw Dogs!

My tie collection is growing.  I also found a Three Stooges tie.

This is a pizza we made - ham, pepperoni, sausage.  It as really good.

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