Dated:  8/12/13

"I'm Woody, Howdy Howdy Howdy"

I don't know why but that quote just popped into my head, so I decided to make that the subject. This week we had a Zone Meeting. It was really good. The spirit was very strong and I received much revelation for myself and for my area. We talked about "TAP". That probably doesn't make any sense to you, but it stands for Testify, Ask Inspired Direct Question, and Promise Blessings. It is what we do to try to help people correctly use their agency. How agency works, is people have a thought, that thought leads to a feeling, and that feeling leads to an action, and that action leads to result, which then brings another thought (Thought>feeling>action>result>thought). When we knock on a door the person on the other side decides to use their agency. If the persons thoughts are negative, that leads to a result of a door being slammed, or something like that. But the use of TAP can TAP into their thoughts and feelings and change the result. It can help them feel the spirit and help them exercise their agency properly and "choose liberty and eternal life... or to choose captivity and death." It is an interesting principle, but it does work. I don't know if that makes much sense, but that is about a 2 hour Zone Meeting slammed into a few sentences. If it doesn't just pretend like you never heard it. We can use TAP on ourselves too. When we have negative thoughts or don't want to do something we know is right, we can think of our testimony and what we know to be right. We can ask ourselves an inspired question, and we can search the scriptures and find the Lords promised blessings for us doing what we know is right.

We were able to find 3 new investigators this week thanks to Member Missionary Work. A member invited 3 people over to her home for dinner and a lesson about the restored gospel. We taught them and they all seemed interested. One of them is very prepared and already refers to our church as "our church" as if she was already a member, when she was talking to the other 2 about it. It is great. We are excited to teach her.

SO last night we came home, and a bird flew in behind us into the apartment! It took us 10 minutes to catch it and release it outside. In the midst of all the commotion our DL called and got our numbers for the week. It was so funny! Our tools for extracting this bird out of the house were a Priority-Mail Box (thanks for sending it mom), A Screen for a window, and A Nerf Sword. Don't worry, we filmed the whole thing. So I will send that home sometime. I think you will enjoy it :D

The Church is true! I have started reading "Jesus The Christ" and using it as a reference when I study, and I have been learning so much! It is great. I have started the Book of Mormon over again, so if anyone wants to race, start now. :D Love you all. Keep up enduring to the end. Feast upon the words every day. Mormon saw our day (Mormon 8:35) and He knew what we needed to know. He knew that there would be so much sin and wickedness. He knew that it would be hard to know what was truth and what was not. The Book of Mormon can help us stay safe from the evil of the adversary. And we can know the truth by putting Moroni's promise to the test. I know that to be true. God loves us so he gave us the Book of Mormon.


Elder Joshua R. Spencer

This is a Victorian home.  In Cantham there are a ton of homes like this.
We knocked on this door and gave the guy a B of M.  He is reading it
and really liking it. He let us in his home and it is amazing.
You would love it Mom.  It is really neat.

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