Dated:  7/29/13

What a Wonderful World!

That seemed like a good title, don't know why, but isn't the world that God created just great! The people in it need some improving, but the world it's self is just so beautiful, epically here in Gretna.

We did a good amount of service this week. We helped some members with their yard, and then we helped at a Food Give away. Bingo was fun this week. There is this one resident at the nursing home, whenever we call out a number, he repeats the number in a very slow deep voice, and he is always inviting us to his room to drink a cold doctor pepper. He is awesome, anyway at the end of our last bingo I said "That's all folks" and he repeated what I said, only by doing the whole Looney Toons thing. It was super funny! There are some really great people there.

We had Interviews with President this week. Man, I love that man. He is so great! The missionaries I am serving around are great too. I saw Elder Jullian and Elder Theuson. I came out with both of them (Elder Theuson was my MTC Comp) and they are doing great. I was also able to learn from them about the other Elders I came out with and they are all doing very well. That made me happy.

God had blessed me so much. It is a blessing to be able to serve a mission. My family is a HUGE blessing to me and also my friends. Man, those are some of the best blessings I think anyone can have, a great family and great friends. Heaven is going to be awesome!

I love you all, You are in my prayers. Keep up the fantastically good things that you are doing. And read every day!


Elder Joshua R. Spencer

So Sister Stephanie Cannon sent me this bear.  For those who know what it is, I hope you enjoy. I am training him to become a missionary... :D

Helping him understand his purpose.
He got hungry so he was checking out our fridge.
I let him eat some of my pie.

I made him do his own dishes.  I am not going to
clean up after him.

He went tracting - in our house.  Man, this bear has a long way
to go, but he is great!

He slept in.  He does not like the morning routine.

Studying the scriptures.

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