Dated: August 19, 2013

Just Keep Swimming

So we had a great Zone Conference about faith this week. Faith unto repentance leads to Faith unto Power. In D&C 121:36-37 it tells us about the priesthood and what can disqualify someone who holds the priesthood from being able to use the priesthood. Well that applies to faith also. When we are clean we can exercise faith unto power. Faith is huge. And my mind was blown with the awesomeness of it on Thursday. That is what President Pitt will do to you, blow your mind with rich doctrine.

We were able to have 3 investigators come to church this week. It was great. I haven't had that many at church the whole mission yet. Our investigator, Stephanie, came to church. She is the one I gave the special Book of Mormon from the ward. I didn’t get the chance to talk to her about it though, but we have a lesson with her tonight. I am looking forward to that.

Transfers are next week so I won’t email till Thursday. There are 30 more missionaries coming in. President said that about half the mission will be under 6 months old after this next transfer. After this transfer I'll have been out for 6 months. A quarter of the way. :( It has been too fast.

We had a dinner appointment almost every night last week, that is rare also. The members have been feeding us well. It has been a good week.

At a District meeting a Sister, Sister Colman told us something.  She is leaving this next transfer, so she was giving us some of her missionary knowledge, she said "If you are ever struggling, work on developing a Christlike attribute." That is true. I have been trying to do that and it has helped me. Also, in Church the topic this month is gratitude. I add to what Sister Colman said, If you are struggling, be more grateful also. Gratitude is the attitude that will put everything back into perspective.

I love you all, thank you for everything you are all doing, whether it be serving missions, working, going to school, serving in the church or just doing anything that is good. Keep it up!


Elder Joshua R. Spencer

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