Dated:  October 9, 2013

So I am staying this transfer in Martin 2 (Prestonsburg). Elder Staveley is moving to the area just above me. President Pitt called me on Sunday and told me "Elder Spencer, the Lord wants you to serve as a District Leader." So that is my new assignment. I am not training again this transfer. I am kind of happy and kind of sad about it. I have decided I like training. My new companion is Elder Mcpherson (not sure if that is spelled right) but I hope it will be a good transfer. I don’t know anything about him.

Conference was great. I loved it so much. It is just a huge spiritual time. I love it that one of our investigators watched it. She is so great! She is progressing a lot and she is really recognizing the gospel and how it can bless her.

Something I have learned this week is opposition and agency. We will all face opposition in life, and when that opposition comes, how we use our agency determines the outcome. If we make correct choices then our faith will grow from the opposition we are facing. It is so important that we use our agency to make correct choices. We do all make mistakes, and God knew this. That is why there is The Atonement.

I also did a deep study of 1 Ne. 8 and the rod of iron vision. There is so much to that vision. I think I want to make sure that every one of my investigators knows and understands that vision because it is something that you can always fall back on. I was thinking, what would happen if that vision really happened! What if we were all in a huge waste land, and there was just a big fog? We as members of the church would know what was going on because we will have read about it in the Book Of Mormon. I would run around trying to find that ROD! And I would tell all that I could to follow me and help me find it. There would be all our fellow human beings, many confused because they wouldn’t know what was going on. When I would find the rod I would tell everyone to hold on to it fast and start walking. I wouldn't let go, no matter how long I had gone. That is what we are doing in life now. We have the full truth, and it is leading us to happiness in Gods presence. There are so many people that just don’t know what is going on. They don’t know that there is a tree of life that has fruit that can make them happy. They need to know this!!!! They need to know that there is a path that leads to happiness!

I love the gospel. I love the church. I love Jesus Christ and my Heavenly Father. Heavenly Father is a real person, a glorified perfect person. He is our Father. As we talk to him in prayer, we are really talking to a real person with a real body. Remember that, remember that and strive to develop a relationship with your Father. That is the most important relationship we can have, a loving relationship with our Father in Heaven. He loves us, he is and will do his part. Are we going to choose to do ours?

I love you all. Pray for a White Christmas, for those of you who know about it. The Lord is Hastening his work and We, the Latter-day saints are on the Frontlines! WOOT!  HOW EXCITING!!!


Elder Joshua R. Spencer

P.S.  Just wanted to say sorry if in my letters things are said weird or something like that. The grammar out here is way different. The accent is so cool. I hope I come home with one!


  1. This is one awesome missionary! You guys have to be so happy to be getting letters like this one. All his letters are great, but I love his explanation of holding on to the Iron Rod. Here's hoping we can all hang on and follow Josh's example!