DATED:  June 23,2014

It's been a hot, but rainy and humid week. On Wednesday I went out with a couple of missionaries as we all waited for our new companions. We were in a walking area so we walked a bunch. It was fun. Then our new comps arrived. Elder Anderson and I have served around each other before. He was in Montgomery when I was in Charleston, and we were in the same district. He also just came from Martin 2/Prestonsburg, which is where I was before Charleston. So I have been asking him all kinds of questions about that area and how it is doing.

We have been teaching a nice lady named Shawna. She is from Virginia, and missionaries were working with her there, and then she moved up here and wants to get baptized. So that might be taking place in a couple weeks.

President and Sister Pitt leave on Friday. It is going to be interesting. I am sad that they are leaving. They are so great. I am glad I live so close to them and will be able to see them at home. Mom, Dad, Daniel, Rachel, you should really try to go to their homecoming.

We have just been trying to work hard this week. We were able to get out to some farther areas in the area we work in. We have talked to a few people and it still astounds me how confused people are. It's kind of sad. This one guy we talked to was interesting. He believed that baptism wasn't necessary. So we asked him why he thought Christ was baptized. He said "I don’t know" then we asked him, if he has ever thought about what happens after we die. He said he knows that we will go to heaven, but not immediately. He says that our spirit goes somewhere but he doesn't know where, and it doesn't even matter where it goes. He doesn’t care. We told him our beliefs about the spirit world and showed him how the Book of Mormon answers these questions, but he didn’t accept the answers. A lot of people are like that out here. They just turn away from the truth. But we will find those who won’t. Just remember to always be hungering and thirsting after the truth. If we stop looking for truth, we will be deceived. I read 2 Nephi 9 this week. I encourage you all to go and read it. It is one of my favorite chapters because it clearly explains the truth.

I love you all, keep up the great work!


Elder Spencer

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