DATED: January 26, 2015

We had a unique week this week. First off, it snowed a little bit this weekend. On Saturday morning, the other Elders and us were leaving at the same time. We were both cleaning off our cars, and then a snowball was thrown. For the next 5 minutes or so we had a snowball fight outside of our house. Just four Elders running around throwing snow at each other. It was a fun little start to the day.

We had a couple of neat experiences this week. First, we went to try to find a LA member. The house wasn't there. We were about to leave but a feeling we had made us stop and decided to knock around the area. We walked by a group of three houses. It didn't look like anyone lived in the first two. We walked up to the third door and knocked on it. A lady came out and we told her who we were and what we were sharing. She said she was interesting in learning more. We gave her a pamphlet and got her phone number and set up a time we could come back when her husband was home. As we were walking away, she opened the door and ran out to us and said, "actually, can you guys just come by my work tomorrow and talk? I am pretty curious about this?" We told her we could do that and told her to read the pamphlet. We went to her work the next day and she had read the pamphlet and she asked us some questions. She told us of some of the things going on in her life. We can see how the gospel will bless her. We shared with her some of the unique things about the church. She is very interested. It is great to see how the Lord will put you where he needs you, and often you do even know it.

Another time this week we were trying to find another member. We found the house and knocked on it. A Hispanic man came to the door, and he didn't speak much English at all. He came to the door and said (pardon my terrible Spanish) "no hablo engles." So I responded, "no hablo espaniol." He laughed. Elder Ence pulled out a Spanish "he is the gift card." I really don’t know why he had one, but he did. Weird right? The Hispanic man gestured for us to come in. We went into his home and we sat on his couch and tried to communicate with him. We were able to pick up pretty good what he was saying in Spanish. Neither Elder Ence or I speak Spanish, but I have taken Spanish classes and He had been around a lot of Hispanic people back home. So we were able to get a little bit of what he was saying. He saw Elder Ence had a Book of Mormon, and he said he had one. He walked into the other room and got a Spanish/English Bible and a Spanish Book of Mormon. He told us that he is from Mexico, but he came here to America to work so his family could have a better life than what he had growing up. He sends all his money to his family. He said he doesn't drink or smoke because it is a waste of money and he knows God doesn't like him to do that. So we showed him the scripture in the Bible about how our body is a temple. He said "Bueno!" We showed him some scriptures in the Book of Mormon like Moroni 10:3-5, 1 Nephi 1 and some others. We used the scriptures to try to communicate. It was neat. We had a good discussion for about 45 minutes. He said we could come back. It was pretty neat how that all panned out.

So these were some of the cool things that happened this week. I love you all!


Elder Spencer

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