DATED:  February 19, 2015

Sorry to email so late. On Monday it snowed a ton! It was pretty much a white out. It has been snowing on and off all week. We are being as safe as possible. We have only gotten stuck once so far... hehe, its been pretty crazy.

Because of the bad roads, we decided to go and shovel people’s walks for service on our street. We would look for people who were out shoveling, and we would ask them if they wanted help. None of them would let us help. So we just went to driveways not yet shoveled and did them. As we were finishing one of them, one of the guys up the street that we had offered to help came down the street to talk to us. He told us thank you, the driveway we did was his mom’s and he was dreading coming down to do it. He said we were an answer to a prayer. Then we did a few more afterwards and yesterday after zone conference a guy came and knocked on our door. He asked us if we had shoveled his driveway. We told him we had. He said he got up that morning and was about to go out and shovel it, but noticed that it was already done. He had no idea who would have done it. So he asked some of his neighbors. They told him that "some boys in shirts and ties were going around shoveling driveways." He said he thought "it must be those boys in 303." So he came up and thanked us for doing it. The neat thing about it is that apparently other people were watching us. And the people on the street know who we are. That tells me the importance of always acting as a representative of Christ, and you never know who is watching and how our actions could impact them.

I have been learning so much. I don’t know if I can put it all in words.

I love you all. See you soon!

Elder Spencer

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