Dated: 5/20/13

Hello Hello!

This week has been great. Elder O and I are going around and inviting all the members in the branch down here in Gretna to pray that we can find a family that will join the church and be baptized. The Gretna Branch needs this, and so we are going to pray down a miracle. It is cool because the branch seems to be getting excited about the idea. It will be cool to see God answer our prayers.

So about a week ago, Elder Shepard (While we were on transfers) ran into a guy named Brian. We gave him a Book of Mormon. Elder Ochsenbein and I went the other day to follow up with him. Now, let me tell you about this cool experience. So we had our day planned where we would go and follow up with Brian about 3:00. Our appointment at 2:00 fell through though so we tracted a little bit and we both had the thought to go and visit some less-active members named the Tuttles. We went over to their house and shared a message with them. After we both felt like we didn't accomplish much while being there and were wondering why the Lord sent us there. I remember telling Elder O, "The Lord is probably placing us where he wants us so we can find someone later tonight."  While we were traveling back, we had a thought to go and contact a referral we had received. So we did that to. By this time it was 5:00 and time for dinner. We went back to the house and ate dinner and then went to another less-active member and shared a message with her. After that we decided to head to the trailer park. So we went there and tried to follow up with 2 potential investigators, and they didn't answer. We went to try Brian. When we went up to his door he said that they had just finished a baby shower so he didn't know if he had time to talk. We offered to help him clean up, but he said he didn't need it. He went in and talked to his wife and asked if he could talk to us for a bit. He came back out and said we could talk on the porch. So we started talking to him about his faith in Christ and how that has helped him in his life and we started to get into the Restoration lesson, and it started to rain... UGG. He had us come inside though. So we taught him about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith and all that fantastically true doctrine and then invited him to read the Book of Mormon. He said that he is really excited to do so. He says that everything we have shared goes along with his beliefs but seems to add more to it. So we invited him to be baptized and he said that he had already been baptized in a christian church. So we asked him what he remembers about his baptism and he said, "I don't really remember it at all." Then he said, that he will get baptized again if he finds out it is true because he feels like he would understand it a lot better and feels like it will be his decision. That made me so happy. The spirit was working through us and it was working on him to help him resolve his own concern. He is very prepared and elect and I am excited to teach him. I realize that God led us to him. If we had tried to go and contact him at 3:00, we wouldn't have been able to because of the baby shower, and we got to his door just 5 minutes after the last person left from the shower. MIRACLE? I THINK YES!

So that is what happened this week. It was great. I love being a missionary of the Lord, Jesus Christ. I love the Book of Mormon. Read it as always. I found a favorite story, Mosiah 24. :D

Love you all!


Elder Joshua R. Spencer

Look at our new mission vehicle!

 A pizza we made.  Yum!

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