Dated: 5/27/13

Hola' Family,

So this week was a good week. There were good and bad things that happened. Ill start with the good. So last week for P-Day, Elder O and I went fishing. I caught 3 fish, each about 10-12 inches long. Cool things about it, I was getting bored with fishing, cuz nothing was happening, so I said a prayer that I could catch a fish. Well, after I said amen, I caught a fish, then I cast again and caught another fish. Coincidence? I think NOT!  PRAYER WORKS!!! So that was fun. Also, 2 weeks ago, we went to the Smoot's for dinner. We had Beef Ribs on the bone. YUM YUM YUM! It was so good, and it was actually from a cow that the Smoot's owned and had processed. We made a Roast this week again. O man, it was so good! But, enough about food, well, maybe not, I love food. In fact, I found a scripture that proves that the Lord blesses people with food.

1 Nephi 16:39 And it came to pass that the Lord was with us, yea, even the voice of the Lord came and did speak many words unto them, and did chasten them exceedingly; and after they were chastened by the voice of the Lord they did turn away their anger, and did repent of their sins, insomuch that the Lord did bless us again with food, that we did not perish.

So on a sad note, that great guy, Brian, that I talked about last week, he got antied. (meaning someone gave him anit-mormon stuff) so he isn’t interested in us anymore. But on the good note, the area of Gretna is starting to pick up. Elder O and I are working hard to build it up to its full potential. Missionary work is WORK. :D But I Love it!

Love you all, and I hope Rachel had a great birthday! Everyone who reads this tell my sister Rachel Happy Birthday for me. :D


Elder Spencer

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