Dated:  5/6/13


This week has been a good week. We weren't able to find any new investigators, but we did teach like 9 less-active members. Not much happened. While we were tracting one day, we tracted into a Jehovah's Witness. Now, most of the time, JW and LDS Missionarys don't get along. We usually get in arguments. But this time we didn't. We just asked her questions on what she believed, I asked if they gave out their bibles (I have heArd crazy things about their bibles). I asked her if i could have one and she gave me one. We had a very good conversation with her about JW beliefs. She didn't care to hear ours, but now we understand JW's a little better. Their bible is very weird. They have taken the bible, and put it in modern language. It totally changes the meaning of scriptures and the true meaning of the scriptures.

So, I also had to run from a lady trying to give me a hug this week. We went (on Saturday) to do service at the Volunteer fire department. They do fundraisers because they are trying to buy a new fire truck. So we went and helped set up for it and everything. There was this lady that was in charge of this whole thing. She was wanting us to stay for the actual fundraiser, but we both felt we needed to go out and work. So we told her we couldn't. She tried to convince us to stay, but we said we had to go and do missionary work. She said "Do your missionary work right here, Witness to me, go ahead." It was funny. She would be a very fun lady to teach the gospel to. Maybe we will be able to sometime. But anyway, she gave us all this food, and let us leave, but as we were leaving she put her arms out wide and started to walk towards me. I just stuck my had out straight offering to shake her hand and backed away as she advanced at me. It was FREAKY! She backed off and everything. She was laughing about it. Haha, well hopefully that is a fun story for y'all for this week.

Just so you all know, the Book of Mormon is the most amazing thing on the earth right now. It teaches all of the doctrine of Christ and the Doctrine that we live in a such simple way. We were challenged to answer every question that an investigator asked with the Book of Mormon. Elder O and I have been trying to answer peoples questions with the Bible, and that doesn't work because the bible, as great as it is, contradicts itself. But when you teach true doctrine out of the Book of Mormon, it shows us the way that Christ really intended his church to be established. We had a question asked to us the other day that was something like this, "How do we know Christ established a church." Well, 3 Nephi 11 answers that question perfectly. I have been noticing so many things that answer questions that investigators have about doctrine and truth in the Book of Mormon. It's cool, we have an hour every day for person study, and that's not enough time. You think it would be, but it isn't. So at night, if I have extra time between planning and Time to go to bed, I will read the Book of Mormon. The free time I have I choose to do that because I am starting to see the beauty and truth and power conveyed by the Book of Mormon. It's cool and that is putting it very lightly. So all of you, read the Book of Mormon. I Started reading it over again starting on March 14th, and I am now on Mosiah 8. I challenge you to read it from the beginning and mark every time Christ is referred to. Either by it saying his name, or referring to him speaking or something he said. It is amazing and I promise that as you do it, your love for the Book of Mormon will grow and increase.

I love you all, I look forward to talking with you. I also have another surprise that I am going to send you this week ;D


Elder Spencer

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