Dated:  6/5/13

Hi Family:

So, this week has been a good week. Elder O and I have had a lot of fun working together this transfer.  He is transferring to Spencer, WV. Kind of ironic. I am training and my new missionary (my boy) will get here tomorrow. That is going to be a good experience. It will have many challenges and it will be tough, but with God all things are possible. I am going to need to rely on God more then ever and act in faith more than ever too.

Not much interesting has happened this week. Elder O and I had a slow week teaching investigators, but we were able to visit many less-actives. I am so glad that you sent me the GPS so quickly. I really appreciate it, and I know it will come in handy. Today is P-day and we are up in Lynchburg to hang out with all of our district. This transfer is going to be crazy. There are currently 3 missionaries being trained in the district. (i am one of them) and all the trainers are being transferred out. So all the new missionaries are getting new trainers except for me, I am going to be a trainee and going to be training a new missionary. Our DL is being transferred out, and another set of elders is getting transferred out and they are putting in sisters. Another missionary is opening a new area in Lynchburg. We are getting a ton of new people to the district tomorrow. It is going to be interesting. Work down in Gretna has been good. We haven't had any baptisms yet, but I have a feeling that some will be coming. There are so many old people that are just so content with just staying where they are at. Some people are funny when they come to the door. We knocked on this one door, and this lady came to the door. She was not happy we were there. She has a sign on her door that said "no solicitors." We are not solicitors because we are not selling anything, but people look at it the same. So she answered and just looked at us out the screen door, and Elder O and I didn’t say anything. We weren’t sure who was going to talk, so we just stood there for an awkward few seconds, and then Elder O started to say "We aren't solicitors" which was kind of funny, but as soon as he talked, she just said No, and closed the door. It was kind of funny. It is not funny that these people don’t accept the gospel. But I am learning how to find happiness and humor in things so as not to get discouraged.

Anyway, I’ll email again on monday, but until then I wish you all well. Read, Pray, and go to church. Keep your chin up and rely on God because he loves you! :D

Love you all!


Elder Spencer

P.S.  We also helped the Smoots load up about 1000 lbs of meat from a cow they had butchered.  O man, there was so much beef!

Momma C is Momma Covington.  She is the mother to the missionaries down here in Grenta.  This is her new license plate.

So the Smoots gave us a filet mignon.  I cooked it up on my grill and made a marinade for it.  It was very good.  :D

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