Dated:   August 28, 2013

So I am getting transferred to Martin KY. This will be a quick email because I am in a huge hurry. I am sad to leave Gretna, there are some amazing members here. I have grown very close to many of them. Elder Snow and I have been able to put an investigator on date for baptism for Oct 19. She is pretty solid and I hope she does get baptized, well I hope everyone gets baptized. Her name is Shannon and she is 20. The younger people are nice to teach. I look forward to the new adventure in Martin. From what I know there are 2 areas in martin and so I am going to be in Martin 2. I don't know anything more than that. I think my new comp's name is Elder Steveley or something like that. I got everything packed and my bags are stuffed! I don't know how I got it all in. Well, I’ll email again on Monday. Love ya all!!!


Elder Spencer

Also, one of the areas in our district is becoming a walk area, so Elder De Graff and I, (an elder in my district) are going to be driving the car up to Charleston tomorrow. Long drive, and it will be my first time driving on the crazy roads in WV!!! WOOT!

Elder Sister (the bear) and I are ready to go!!

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  1. No wonder they need moving trucks on transfer day! :)