Dated:  November 20, 2013

Transfers are this week. I am getting transferred to Charleston WV. I am going to be in Charleston West. I am excited but very sad. I don’t feel ready to leave this area. There are so many people here that I really love and care about. (i.e Bryan, Brianna, and Amber, and Granny) But the Lord needs me elsewhere. My companion is going to be Elder Udy. I dont know him. I am also sad to leave some of the missionaries I serve around. I am excited for change though.

So last week we had the primary program. I LOVED IT! Amber came with her 2 kids who are 3 and 4 years old. They came to church last week and practiced with the primary for the program. I wasn't expecting them to come up to the front for the program but they did! They even got up to the pulpit and had lines to say. They got very nervous and just froze and ended up just sitting back down on the stand but still, it was cool.

Weird story, so a few nights ago, before I found out I was transferring, I had a dream that Elder Sitati of the 70 came to me and told me I was leaving. Weird.

Well that was the highlight of my week. I love serving the Lord. I love being out here on a mission. I love the Church that Christ Restored though Joseph Smith. It is true. I know IT!

Keep your heads up and remember who is on your 'team'.


Elder Spencer


  1. Yeah! We are so excited you'll be in our ward in Charleston!!!

  2. And I am so glad to know you'll be there to keep an eye out for him!