Dated:  November 4, 2013


This was an alright week. It was a little slow. We are going to start volunteering in the family history center here at our Ward. I was looking in there and I found a book on the Spencer Name. I was flipping though it trying to see if any of the names were familiar. They were not. But who knows, it may be connected to our line.

We had a neat morning on Saturday. We had a referral for a house at the top of a mountain by our house, so we walked on the road to the top, all the way up there and guess what?! They weren't home.... thanks!  It was ok though because on our way down there were like 5 or 6 houses. We knocked on all of them. 3 of them took a book of Mormon and said they were interested in learning more and the other 2 said we can come back another time. It was sweet. So we have like 5 potentials that we can try that live right next to us.

A less-active we have been working with a lot had been drinking for most of his life. We have been weaning him off of it. He was in the hospital with a blood clot.  After that he stopped drinking, but he picked it up again. We went over and found out, and we asked him to give us his beer. HE DID! We took it home and dumped it out on the grass, uggg that stuff smells horrible! But we took his beer. We are really trying to help him quit.

One thing that I have been thinking about this week is the importance of "eliminating all self-defeating, faith-destroying, and atonement-denying, thoughts, words, and actions." That is something we recite every time before we leave the house. We have people out here that, when we tell them who we have been working with, or investigators we have found, they say "They will never change, they are stuck in their ways." O man that gets my blood boiling. Saying that is DENYING THE ATONEMENT! Because of the atonement, WE CAN CHANGE! It makes me sad when people don't support others because they don't think they can or will change. I wouldn't be where I was if I didn't have the support I have. I am so grateful for all my friends, family, leaders, ward members, that never gave up hope on me. People that said "yes he can change." Because people looked at me and knew I could change, I learned and felt that I could change. Change is what the gospel is all about. CHANGE is REPENTANCE. When you see people who seem so far gone, look at them the way God does. He see's they can change. He knows they can change. He is helping them change. Will you be on God’s side and support them? Never deny the atonement for anyone because without it we would all be lost. Never look at someone’s past and say because of that they will stay the same. That is the lesson I learned this week. Because of the atonement, we can all change, we don't have to be the same people we are now. We can change to become better. We can go from bad to good and from good to better. Lets help and reach out to others who are wanting to change, but don't know how and don't feel like they can. Hope is the attitude that takes you from where you are to where you can be.

I love you all very much!


Elder Spencer

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