Dated: November 25, 2013

I love West Charleston. This was a fun week with transfers. I had a hard time saying bye to a lot of people in Martin. Bryan, Brianna, Amber, and others. I have grown to love each of them very much. I hope the best for them and I am sad that I am not there to help them, but other missionaries that the Lord has sent there will help them. I am now serving in the west side of Charleston. We drive the Transfers Bus, a big 15 passenger van. Fun right! I live in the "Homestead." It's a nice house. I live with the Zone Leaders, Elder Brandt and Elder Stout (My old DL)It has 3 stories. It is just really nice. O man, I just love living there.  I am serving in Charleston 2nd ward. On Sunday Bruce Vest came up to me and I got to talk to him for a minute. It is neat to see him out here.

Elder Udy and I were tracting the other night, and we saw this house at the top of the hill, we decided to walk up their long, steep driveway and knock on it. We got to the door and there was a little pug dog nipping at our feet and barking at us. We  knocked on the door and the guy came to the door, harshly said "I'm cookin'!" and then slammed the door. Well, when the dog saw the door open, he decided to run in, and the guy slammed the door right on his dog! It was so funny. The door just bounced back open and there was just an awkward pause, then the guy yelled for his dog to come in. We just walked away and busted up laughing. It was sooo funny! Poor dog! It was worth the long walk up there.

So I started reading the New Testament this transfer so that I can more fully understand Jesus Christ’s life. I noticed that the 50th verse in the NT talks about repentance. Then Jesus Christ goes and talks about Repentance. Repentance is like the first major thing taught in the NT. It talks about Christ's birth and everything, but then John the Baptist says "Repent ye, for the kingdom of heaven is at had" or in other words "Be converted to Jesus Christ for the kingdom of Heaven has come!" His Church has been restored to the earth in our day. The kingdom of Heaven is here! The Savior’s call and the call of the prophets is the same today as it was in OT and NT times and BOM Times. Come unto the Savior and be converted so that He may heal us.

I love spreading the Gospel of Repentance.

I love you all!


Elder Spencer

Elder Josh with Uncle Bruce

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