Dated: January 6, 2014

This week has been up and down with the weather. Thursday night, Elder Simmons and Elder Ramirez came, and we didn't have the van because the Assistants were using it to take the departing missionaries to the airport. But, that night we were walking around in the rain/snow. It was windy and very cold. We were using our umbrellas as shields and they were caked with sleet. It was crazy awesome! Friday was like a huge chore day. We got the van, and we had to get beds shuffled around in the house so we could fit all 3 of us in the bedroom. So we had a queen sized bed in there, so we moved it out, took it to the storage shed, and got 2 twin beds and moved it in. On top of that we had weekly planning, area reports, and a bunch of other things. It has been a fun week being in a trio. We have been doing good work and good things have been happening.

I am learning a lot about goal setting. I found that when I am discouraged, it is because I have nothing that I am working towards, I am not feeling like I am accomplishing anything. But, when we set a SMART goal, (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound) and we work for it, we will feel we are accomplishing something. So as a district and zone we all have set weekly goals, and we are holding each other accountable. Already there is a difference. I like to look at a goal I set like this, "when I achieve this next week, will I feel good about what I have accomplished? Will it make me happy, excited, and feeling successful? Will I feel like I have learned something, and grown from this goal?" Doing that helped me set some good goals and others in the district set good goals. When we accomplish them, we will feel happy, and excited. It will start a snow ball effect and we will start achieving. One problem I do sometimes too is I will set too many goals and will overwhelm myself, and by day 2 I am no longer committed to my goals. We need to remember that progression happens second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, week by week, and so on. It doesn't matter how fast the progression as much as the fact you are progressing. The Atonement takes time to work. By careful and prayerful goal setting we will be able to love and live our covenants. Goals reflect the desires of our hearts and setting goals helps us show our desire to love God and do His will.  God has a vision of what we can become. He has goals and plans to help us achieve that vision. Vision, Goal, Plan, it's a Godly principle. Vision-Where do I want to be? Goal-What can I do to get there? Plan-what am I going to do to achieve that goal? I know that this formula works and that Goals are good. I love the gospel. Have a great week!


Elder Josh!

We had a gross fridge.  This was under the drawers.

So I cleaned it up.  It was gross!!! 

At this point, it is still gross.  It is all clean now.  sorry
I do not have a picture. 

Santa told me he knew what I wanted
for Christmas, more referrals and
people to teach.

Elder Varner, Elder Thomas, Elder Udy
and me.

Don't ask why we did this, but we did. When we were
switching out beds, we set up the bed outside in the snow,
put a blanket on the bed and jumped onto the bed while
taking pictures.  (Don't worry, no beds were seriously
damaged in the making of this picture.)

Throwing snow!

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