Dated: January 27, 2014

This week, we had a blizzard. It was Saturday night. We came home for dinner and we looked outside when we were about to leave and we saw that you couldn’t see anything. It was almost a white out and it was dumping snow (Don’t worry I got a video). The roads were really bad. Elder Stout and Elder Fhelburg came home and said that they aren’t plowing or salting the roads either because of all the wrecks. So we didn’t go out. We did have a nice little snow fight though. The snow packed really well.

We drove down to Beckly for interviews with President. That was fun. Our GPS took us down a terrible small road that was all icy and a steep drop off on one side. Ya, it was a little freaky. President and Sister Pitt told us to go to the Tamrack in Beckly afterwards and see the stuff there. So we did. There was a guy there blowing glass. It was pretty cool to see.

Down in the Beckly Ward building, they had a list of names of all the people that had served missions from that ward. I saw Shane, Jason, and Devan's name on it. Also, Our Ward got cancelled yesterday because of the snow, so we went to the first ward. Bruce and LaDonna weren’t there though so that was a bummer.

We all have lots to learn here on the earth. Learning is how we progress. The Glory of God is inelegance. This week I have been studying the Gospel of Jesus Christ more in depth. It sticks out to me just how important repentance is. Repentance is change. I really like in 3 Ne. 11 how direct Christ is as he is teaching about his Gospel. There is so much confusion in the world. Luckily we have the Gospel in its fullness. We have a Prophet, and we have our families to help us through these times.

Love you all!


Elder Josh!

P.S.  Today I hit 11 months. Crazy. It is going by too fast! :(

Snow!  We put chairs in the middle of the road and posed for pictures.

It was love at first sight.

Elders Ramirez, Spencer and Simmons in front of
the New River Gorge Bridge

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