Dated:  January 1, 2014

'Twas the night before transfers when all through the house, not a missionary was sleeping, they were all busy packing....' Ok,  that doesn't rhyme at all but, that is what tonight might be like. So, Elder Udy (my comp), Elder Brandt (ZL) and Elder Boggess are all leaving. I am staying in the Homestead and so is Elder Stout. Elder Stout's new comp is Elder Fhelberg and My new Companions are Elder Rameriez (not sure if that is how it is spelled) and Elder Simmonds. I am going to be in a Tri-panionship, aka, a Trip Ship. So there will still be 5 of us in the Homestead. It will be a little cramped, but it will work. I am figuring out how to get another bed in our room and another desk in our study room. I think it will be fun though. We got our van back last Friday. O man, it is so good to have a vehicle again! Right now the Assistants took it to carry around the new missionaries, so they gave us a car that was sitting at the mission office. So for today and tomorrow we are driving a Chevy Cruise. That is a really nice car.

So the holidays were great. Had a great Christmas, and New Years. We got up last night at 11:57 to welcome in the new year. I pulled a 'Daniel' and made the alarm on our car go off to make noise.

Elder Udy and I get the privilege of taking out 2 of the brand new missionaries tonight to work for a little bit. That should be fun.

I am excited for the changes and the new learning experience.

I love you all, and I know that Jesus Christ and our Father in Heaven loves us. A good evaluation that we can give ourselves is the same one that Christ gave to Peter. "Lovest thou me?" Is what we are doing showing our love for our Savior, and Father? Our motivation for keeping the commandments should stem from the first great commandment. All Commandments can be summed up in the first 2 great commandments.

Love you all!!


Elder Josh!

Getting Christmas Breakfast Ready
Elders Brandt, Stout and Boggess gave me
me more sparkling cider.
Elder Sister's Christmas gift to keep him warm.
Our Christmas breakfast.
Our stockings from Elder Stout's mom.
This was my New Year's breakfast that I made.
We read Luke 2 before we opened our Christmas presents.
WV Snuggie Ninja! Ya, I got that for Christmas too.

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