Dated: January 20, 2014

This was a good week. We found a fantastic lady named Karen who we are sharing the gospel with. I went on an exchange down to Montgomery, WV.  It is a small but interesting place. Anyway I want to tell you about this Sunday. It was a dream Sunday for any missionary.

So Karen told us that she was going to come to church, we didn’t even need to invite her. So Sunday, we were standing by the front door in the foyer waiting for her. She didn’t come and didn’t come and didn’t come. I went in during the opening song to go sit up on the stand to bless the sacrament, but Elders Simmons and Ramirez stayed out there to wait.  Anyway the sacrament hymn came up, and we were just about done singing it when the door opened and Karen and Elders Simmons and Ramirez walked in and sat down in the back. So that was exciting.  During the first talk, Sister Pitt walked in and sat down. After the meeting she came over to us and told us that President Pitt was in a coordination meeting with Elder Lancing of the 70 (He is the area 70). We talked and the ward swarmed Karen, which was great. She fits right in. They all loved her. So we went to gospel principles, Sister Pitt came to that which was great because she is a genius when it comes to doctrine. It was a great class. We gave Karen a Gospel Principles book to take home with her. After was relief society and one of the sisters in Gospel Principles came up to Karen and was going to take her to class. Sister Pitt came up to Karen also and all 3 of them went to Class. We were very excited for her because Sister Pitt is a great fellow-shipper. After church was over, Sister Pitt must have told President about our investigator. We were showing Karen around the church and had a member showing her the Family History Center, and we were about to walk into the center behind Karen, and we see Elder Lancing and President Pitt down the hall. Elder Lancing sees us and waves us over. He said "Where is your investigator that is here?  I want to meet her." So we go and introduce Karen to President Pitt and to Elder Lancing.  Karen started telling them how much she loves us and how we came into her life at the perfect time. We are all just standing there in shock at this whole thing. The funny thing is the night before Karen was tell us that she never wants us to leave or get transferred.  She asked who she needs to tell so that we stay, Well, I would say that she told the right people. Anyway it was really neat. Elder Lancing and President Pitt and Sister Pitt all loved Karen, they told us they were excited for her and that she is amazing. She really is. Man, it was a great day. 

So that was a neat day for Karen, we are excited to continue to share the gospel with her. 

Keep up the great things your are doing. Don’t worry how fast you are progressing, just make sure you are progressing.


Elder Spencer

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