Dated:  March 3, 2014

I am really not sure what to say about this week. We worked hard. We found potentials, we talked to people, taught our investigators, we found new investigators.

I’ll share some neat experiences. So, we were walking around trying to ITL (Invite to Learn) people on the street. We were walking a way we haven’t walked before, and we had a thought that we should knock on this duplex (and no not a "every fiber of my being overwhelming thought. This really helped me learn that promptings do come in a very, very, very still small voice). So we knock on the one door, no answer. We knock on the one next to it, and a guy comes to the door. Elder Ramirez tells the guy who we are. At first, his demeanor seemed like it wasn't interested, but Elder Ramirez asked the guy if we could come in for 10 minutes and share a message. The guy said "sure." So we got in a door (which isn't too common around here) and we taught the guy a quick Restoration lesson. We set up a return appointment. It was neat.

Also, the other day, a member had us go find a less-active member. He gave us the address. It was the wrong address, but we decided to 2x2x2 (knock 2 doors on the left, right and across the street). No one was interested, but then we saw a lady down the road a little bit. She looked older so I said "lets hit her with Family History!" So we walk up to her and started talking to her about family history, and she has done TONS of it. She is wanting someone to take it over for when she passes away. So we gave her the address to the church, and the times when the history center is open, and gave her a flyer to a Family History Fair that is going on. She was super excited. We started talking to her about her family and her beliefs. She has very similar beliefs to what is taught in the Book of Mormon. So I asked her if she had ever read a copy of it. She said her dad had one when she was younger, and she was reading it and loving it, but her dad took it away from her so he could read it. So we gave her another copy. We also learned she wants to quit smoking, so we are going to go over and do a Stop Smoking workshop with her. It's neat to know that the Lord will place us in the path of those who will listen, and those who need to talk to us.

Well that, I would say, was the highlights of the week.

I love you all. Keep up the good work!


Elder Josh!

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haha, Just kidding....

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  1. My name is Jon Griffiths! I served in the WVCM from Nov 2000- Nov 2002!

    I recently met a woman who comes to church for a class that is taught after the YSA ward exits! She told me about her family and how her daughter was trying to quit smoking and I told her how I gave it on my mission! I meant to make a copy of it before I returned home and failed too. Is there a way you could possibly email me a copy of it so that I may give it to this Sister? I would greatly appreciate it!


    PS: Knock on every last door! I'm sure thankful me and my companion did on 13 October 2001! Rebecca Dunaway and family are too!