Dated:  3/17/14

This week was definitely interesting. Elder Ramirez and I were given an assignment to go and gather up some furniture from some people that wanted to donate to the mission. So we drove and picked up some couches in South Charleston and then we went up to Mink Shoals (not too far away) and pick up some book shelves and other things. Then we dropped it all off at the storage shed for the mission.

Karen really blessed us this week. She took us to two really awesome restaurants. She took us to Lone Star Steakhouse and then also to Red Lobster. She also took Jarome (our 12 year old investigator) and bought him some church clothes. She is so great. She is a great missionary already. She is going to the temple on Saturday to do Baptisms for Her mom and some of her other relatives. She is excited. We also talked to her this week about Patriarchal blessings. She is so super excited to get one of those. Karen is really a huge blessing to know. I love her so much!

Just a thought: Protestant religions don't believe in or read the Book of Mormon, and they suffer for it. Anyone who chooses not to read the Book of Mormon suffers for it. We, as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints believe it to be Holy Scripture and it has changed our lives for eternity. We have the privilege to feast upon its words every day. We are always trying to get people to read that sacred book, and when they don't, they are missing out on the blessings of eternal life. They are missing out on a more personal relationship with the Savior and the knowledge of who He is and who our Heavenly Father is. Just think, The Book of Mormon really hasn't been in any other dispensation, ever. The Children of Israel didn't have it, Adam didn't have it, and to my knowledge no one really had it in the fullness until Moroni sealed it up and Joseph Smith translated it. We live in the Last dispensation with some of the worst things this world has ever known. God knew that this would be a very hard and trying time. He knew that we would need tools to combat the evil around us. He prepared, probably one of the most powerful books of scripture ever for us. Now, the Book of Mormon is flooding the earth. WOW! We are reading it as a mission before the end of June. I started this last week and I am not in 2 Nephi 9. I am marking in blue every time it references something to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Words like Faith, Repent, Baptismal, Covenant, Commandment, Holy Ghost, and Endure to End, and Broken Heart, Contrite Spirit. It is so far full of blue. When I am done I will see how much this book talks about the Doctrine of Christ. I have already gone through and marked every reference to Christ in red. It is really neat. It is powerful. It is true. I know it is. Lets all read from that powerful book. The blessings are priceless.

Well, there is my discourse for the week. Love you all. Stay safe!


Elder JOSH!

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