Dated: March 25, 2014

I am leaving Charleston West. I am going to Mannington, West Virginia. It is in the North. I leave tomorrow. I am excited. It is sad to leave the West Side, but I am ready to move to a new adventure.

This week has been a week of moving furniture again. We helped a lady in the first ward named Lisa (Deanie and Bruce know her) get some new beds to her house. Well she was getting rid of her old beds, and there is a potential investigator named Jessica that we talked to a few days previous that said she was looking for anyone throwing away beds. She needed some. So we took the new beds to Lisa's house, picked up her old beds and took them to Jessica. Well, she only needed one of them and had a friend that needed the rest. So we took the rest of the beds to her friends house and invited the people to learn about the gospel. They said they would. It was fun doing so much service that day. Then, yesterday, there were some people who needed a piano moved. So we got Elder Stout, Elder Fehlberg, Elder Ramirez and I and the 4 of us moved the piano. (It was so super heavy!) Luckily none of us got hurt.  So we have been hauling that trailer around quite a bit this week. It has been fun.

My new companion is named Elder Robbins. I don’t know anything about him, but I am excited.

Don’t have too much to say in this email. I am in Jacob 4 in the Book of Mormon. I hope you are all reading that special and sacred book. Like I always like to tell people "It will change your life."

Love you all!


Elder Josh!

Moving furniture.  I am so glad I have Dad's backing skills!

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  1. We kind of got use to having Josh around. It was sad to say goodbye, but he is so ready for a new adventure that you just have to be happy for him. We are hoping he makes it back to this area again!