Dated:  March 10, 2014

What a week. We had Zone meeting. We played some "olympic games" where we split up into districts. We took the "faster stronger higher" theme and we did a scripture chase (my district dominated at that) and then we did a tower build. We Built the towers out of Pamphlets. And then we all stood in a circle (with our district) and we each had to hold out a hymn book in each hand, with arms extended, and see who could go the longest. We did it as districts and if someone went down in the district your whole team was out. Overall we took the Silver Medal. It was fun, but I have had a cramp in my back ever since. But it is getting better.

We had a drunk guy sing "Amazing Grace" to us on the street. We were walking along and we saw a middle age couple trying to get a couch into their house. We stopped and helped them. The couch was big. Also, the guy had a stroke in 2010 and so he had limited use of his right arm. We figured it would be good to take off the door and try to get it in. They were surprised how easy it is to get a door off (thanks for teaching me that Dad) and we tried to get the couch in. Well, we got it stuck in the frame. So after much exertion of strength, we got it unstuck. We couldn't get it in the door. They really appreciated our help anyway, and then we were able to teach them about the restoration quickly and get a return appointment. It was great.

It has been warming up here which is awesome! It is supposed to be 70 today!

Elder Ramirez and I were listening to a talk this week given by Richard G. Scott. It was a conference talk of pretty much just quoting scriptures. That all it was. It was powerful. It really made me realize the power of scriptures. I read this morning in Mosiah 28:19 where it is talking about the Jaredite plates and Mosiah Translating them. It says, "And this account shall be written hereafter; for behold, it is expedient that all people should know the things which are written in this account."  So from that I took that the Jaredite plates are very, very important and ALL people should know what is written upon them. Then I went and read the chapter headings of Ether to see what all it talked about. I encourage you to do the same, and then maybe read each chapter. It is powerful. From the Brother of Jared seeing Christ, to the wars and then the really special account of faith in Ether 12. The scriptures teach us true doctrine simply. If we read them everyday we will get far. What you think, see, hear, and do determines what you become. So lets see what the scriptures say, ponder them, and then listen for the promptings of the Holy Ghost, and we will be "[Told] all things that [we] should do. (2 Ne 33:3)"

I love you all. Thanks for your support, letters, friendship, and righteousness. Keep the Faith!


Elder JOSH!

Nightly planning after a hard day's work.
(I hope you know this was posed and not really how we plan at night,
but we were beat that day.) 

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