Dated: June 2, 2014

This was a hot week out here. We went and helped some members build another fence for some sheep they are going to get. They fed us RABBIT after. These members raise rabbits and sell them and butcher them. It was good. On Saturday the branch had a Preparedness meeting. They get together and talk about survival stuff. Elder Rodriquez and I went because there were probably going to be non-members there and so we could bond with the ward more. We got there and they showed us all these different plants you can eat. They cooked some milkweed (which is some kind of plant) and we ate some.  I also ate leaves off of a ginger plant. I also ate some ginger root, and something that was called an Indian radish or something like that.

We had lots of meetings this week. On Wednesday we had a district meeting, on Friday we had a zone meeting, and then another district meeting. For zone meeting we were talking about breaking through walls. They took us into the overflow and sat us down and then opened up the doors that went into the gym. The Zone Leaders had made a box wall that went from wall to wall of the gym and almost all the way to the ceiling. It was huge and very impressive. And then they all lined us up and we all, at the same time, ran though it. Someone got it on video, but I am not sure who. I have no idea if I will ever get it. I wanted to take a picture, but there was not time. It was pretty cool though. It also hurt quite a bit, because for some reason I decided to dive into the wall instead of just run through it. O well, it was fun.

We still haven't got our truck. Not sure why.

I love you all!

Have a great week!


Elder Spencer

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