Dated: May 27, 2014

So yesterday was memorial day so we couldn't get to a library to email. We did a Zone Pday yesterday. We went up to Morgantown (and no, not in our truck, other missionaries drove us up) and played capture the flag in a park that is very much a forest. After playing I decided that it was kind of dangerous because we were running every which way and luckily no one got hurt. It was fun though.

We had Zone Conference this week. We talked about faith to break down walls. On our side of the wall is the Faith, and us. On the other side is the blessings. We need to exercise our faith in Christ so he can break down the wall and we can obtain the blessing. The wall makes it so we cant see or get to the blessing.

Today we went and did service with Buck (Sister Baker’s Dad, he turned 79 today). We helped him build an electric fence. We drove about 20 Tail Spar posts (I think that is what they were). Normally you drive those into the ground with a post driver, but he didn't have one, so we used the back end of a hatchet as a hammer. It sure was hard work. Then we ran the electric wiring from post to post. It took us about 5 hours, and then his wife, Sue, fed us a great meal of CHICKEN AND BISCUITS!  It was good. It is so fun to be able to do service for people. Last week we went over to his house and weed whacked a whole bunch.

Also, on another note... NOT really, this has to do with food too, we made Chicken Curry with shrimp. We had some members (a Husband and Wife) make it for us last Sunday for Dinner (in fact one of these members grew up in Charleston and knows one of the Vest boys. Small world). We got the info on how to make curry from them and then made some. It was very good.

As far as investigators go, we are teaching a few people, not sure how far they are going to go but we are trying with them. We called the Dealer that is working on our truck and gave them the approval to start fixing it, so hopefully next time I email you we will have our truck.

I love you all!


Elder Spencer

This is the bedroom in our apartment.

Thanksgiving time anyone?

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