DATED:  August 25, 2014

We went up to Welch for a district meeting on Tuesday. I stayed up there for an exchange. I went with Elder Boyd, the DL's comp. On our way back the next day, we drove through Coalwood. That is where The Rocket boys are from. We took a little detour and  saw some memorials they had for it. We saw a road that said the launch sight was up it, so we drove on it and tried to find it but had no luck. I’ll send some pictures.

We had a few lessons with people. We have some potentials that we are hopefully going to teach this next week. We were meeting with a member that is not active yesterday, and she had ordered pizza, and so the pizza guy came and her 15 year old daughter goes and answers it and gets the pizza. The member then handed her daughter a check and said "give this to him." As she walked by me I pulled out a Pass-along card and handed it to her and said "give this to him." She saw what it was and was like, "no! I am not going to do your bidding." Then she opened the door and handed the guy the check and then asked him "do you want this?" holding out the pass along card. I heard him say "sure" and he took it. It was so funny. Haha.

I don’t have too much to say this week.  Just be faithful, and have courage. Keep doubt and Fear behind you. Lead with your faith. Pray to find answers. Stick to your covenants, they give you power to return to Heavenly Father. I love you all.


Elder Josh Spencer

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