DATED:  September 2, 2014

Yesterday, for zone pday, we went to Bluefield and had a BBQ and played kickball. It was lots of fun. It was great to see many of the missionaries that I have become friends with. That is one thing I have decided is great about life. Getting to know people. People are everywhere! Each person has a story. Everyone has their own interests, talents, fears, struggles, etc... and we are all just trying to figure out life on this big rock. It's great to be able to figure it out with such awesome people though.

We have seen some neat miracles this week. We are trying to find new investigators, and we are going through the formers to find. Last Friday, we saw one former, we asked if she was interested. She said no, so we asked her if she knew anyone who could use a message about Christ. She told us there was a couple behind her trailer that she didn't think went to church. So we decided to go and knock on it. The person came out and he told us he wasn't interested. As we were walking away our attention was drawn to another door that looked pretty shady on a shady building. It had a house number on it, so we decided to knock on it. A lady answered the door, and at the same time a guy came from around the corner of the building, and he yelled over to us asking us what we were doing. We weren't sure who to talk to at first.  It turned out that it was his house and the lady that answered the door was his wife. We told them who we were and they invited us in. We went up and they asked us TONS of questions about the church. We told them we would love to teach them more about the church and gave them the Book of Mormon. They took it and said they would read. We are going back on Wednesday to teach them. It was great. We are also starting to teach another young couple. We left some pamphlets with them and a BofM. They read both pamphlets when we left and seem pretty interesting in learning more. We are just hoping and praying that we can really help them.

My thought this week will be a little different. I'm just going to share some things to ponder about.

The Priesthood is given to man to give them power to care for God’s children the way Christ would. How do you use the Priesthood in your callings?

This is a gospel and church of Happiness. Everything about it is there to help us receive a fullness of Joy. (2 Ne 2:25)

We don't need to face eternity alone. We will have our families (brothers, sisters, spouses, aunts, uncles Etc...), and our Father in Heaven, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost to help us.

We Call Our Father in Heaven Father. What does that tell you about Him? What does he call us? What does that tell you about us?

Patience shouldn't be measured in an amount, because then you'll eventually run out. (Example "I've run out of patience with you.)

We are all family striving to live with Heavenly Father again. Families gather at the dinner table for many different things. At Heavenly Father’s Dinner table, he doesn't want anyone missing.

Murmuring, complaining, fighting, finding fault with others, arguing, and all things like it cause unhappiness. Don't do them.

You have a Father in Heaven who will HEAR and ANSWER your prayers!

Every soul is special to God, and he wants us to take care of and love each of our Brothers and Sisters.

We need to stay strong because we are building the Kingdom of God.

Being converted to the gospel is worth any sacrifice we are asked to make.

Don’t Love for popularity.

The Truth is you can come unto Christ and become holy, without spot.

Christ-like love and service leads to happiness.

I love you all!


Elder Josh Spencer

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