DATED:   September 10, 2014

I am staying in Richlands. Elder Baty is going to White Sulfer Springs, WV. I am not yet sure who my new companion is going to be. I am going to be training. I am pretty excited for it.

This week was a lot of fun. So first off, these are the dinners we had this week. We had a fried chicken dinner with mashed potatoes, corn, green beans and fried apple pie and ice cream for dessert. We also had a steak dinner with macaroni salad and chocolate cake for dessert. Then, yesterday, a member took us to a really good pizza place, and bought us each our own large pizza. Tonight we are having a fried chicken dinner again. O boy, this has been a happy week for my tummy. :D

We taught some of our investigators this week. One of our young couples we are teaching want to quit smoking, so last night we went and did the stop smoking workshop with them. It went so great! They are so pumped to quit smoking. They are pretty bummed that Elder Baty is leaving. So are our other investigators.

This next transfer will bring many adventures. I don’t have much more to report about the week. It was a fun week. We also had a zone meeting in Bluefield. Off the top of my head I can’t remember what they talked about.

For my thought I wanted to share a quote from a talk I found.
"Instead of asking “What do you want out of life?” I would like to ask “What do you bring to life?” What you get depends upon what you give. Life brings to us only what it finds in us. Our job is to discover what life has given us, enlarge upon it, make the most of it, and distribute it wisely that others may profit by our experience. Life will respond to any attempt at self-improvement provided it is not prompted by selfishness."-Hugh B. Brown "What Do You Want Out of Life?

I have just been thinking about the question this week "what do you want." It is something we are asking people we are teaching. We all have desires and wants. What do you really want? And what are you willing to do to get it? Then ask yourself, What does God want? and What am I willing to give? As our Heart does what God wants, we will find what we really want. God wants the best for us. That is true. If we follow him and become like Christ, we have unlimited potential.

I love you all. Take care. Keep going!


Elder Spencer

Dog bowls are good for eating out of.  TRUE STORY!

We had a corn feast.  Each of us ate like
four ears.  YUM!

The "mountains" of Virginia and
West Virginia

I don't know if any of your desks look like this,
but to me, this is a typical missionary desk.

P.S.  So we were tracting and this guy had these old cars, so we went to knock on his house and talk to him about them. He came out when we knocked and immediately told us he wasn't interested in what we had and he had his own church and he is comfortable with where he is at. So we just asked if we could see his cars. He said, "sure!" he took us in his garage and talked to us for like an hour and a half! At the end he talked about how some sister missionaries from our church came by his home long ago and stayed up with them all night when one of their children were really sick. They helped out this guy a lot. Then he said that the sister missionaries taught them about Family Home Evening, and the family started doing it. He said that a few years later, he had a son tell him he was contemplating suicide. He was able to help his son through that hard time, and he said he felt that because they did FHE their family was more open to talking to each other. He gives FHE credit for his son not committing suicide.  He also has read much of the BofM. He still wasn't interested, but he offered us a ride whenever we want one in his cars. It was a neat experiences. (Dad, thank you for helping me grow an appreciation for old cars, it helps me talk to lots of people out here.) 

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